A Digital Paradox

“The changes that have become necessary only come about slowly. Many humans still read only what they have programmed their machines to bring to them; many of them speak only to those with whom they agree. Many of them communicate all the time, but with greater speed and less depth. If the human encounters with the psycho-algorithmic machine don’t help them to deal more compassionately and carefully with one another, then what will their attitudes, formed though their relationships with each other, contribute to their fragile and threatened world?”

Taken from: Mr Smit & the psycho algorithmic machine (MA Thesis); in reaction to Turkle, Sherry. “The second self”. 1986 (amongst others)


As technology is included into our lives as it has never been before, we are able to discover new and maybe unintendet functions within the algorithms. If you look at the development of app gaming from the world famous snake on the old Nokia phones to Pokemon Go or ingress, it is obvious how geolocation has it´s impact on the gaming experience. Now, it is possible to use the GPS not only for navigation and leaving digital footprints that are being harvested by market research companies – it is now possible to fuse the digital and the physical you´s and me´s, in order to create an experience that stretches the boundaries of both.