Development of an idea

Instruments and instrumentalisation of experience are importatant features of the now. The now being the beginning of the 21st century. As the importance of User experience, and along with it the demand to the underlying design, is gaining of importance and presence in both digital and physical form – my couriosity towards the research of the posssibilities the term has hidden within grows. I am especially interested in the technophilosophical approach towards the term – call it neoscience – or pataphysica.

Looking at the introduction to the agreed on meaning of the word, questions arise of where I can find examples of the instrumentalisation of concepts from other fields of research. Examples that would count as models for the implementation of an instrument that serves the cause of adressing and guiding the “user”.

By ananysis of these forms of guidance and misguidance I develop my own conceptual situations in order to find new forms of instruments and instrumentalisation, instead of being stuck in the existing formats.

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a) Instrumentalisation

b) Development of an idea

c) test-one

d) test-two

e) test-three

f) test-3.1