52°53’NB 7°06’OL & 53°14’NB 6°14’OL

I participated in a talent development program of the “Centrum Beeldende Kunst Groningen (CBK Groningen)” in assignment of the state of Groningen.

The task was to create 2D works about two tiny places in the state, in order to hand in the newly remade conference rooms with the according names.

I interpretated the places according to found data. I made digital images using Processing 3 (processing.org). For each place I developed two images in form of a landscape and a totem.

I tried to capture the splits between the digital and the analogue, the new and the old, as I felt this conflict discovering how little and almost from another time these places were. I wanted to capture the fragility by printing on glas. Capturing the image in time and space.