Residency together with 5 other artists 2016

An antidiciplinary artistic exploration, assimilating six distinct voices in the collaborative effort of disintegrating aesthetics.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.13.54


During this residency I was able to give body to ideasthat I developed during the last half year. I presented three works that were in different states of process. The work presented here is the heart of a washing machine hanging on three feet so that the percipient can stick his or her head into the turning drum of the machine. While being able to look out, a sound collage is played and the drum is turning, driven by a connection to the wall where a second person has to turn a crank handle.

I am interested in creating thought within the visitor. Through visual language i try to induce certain associations in order to create space for thought. By triggering the senses, in this case visually and auditible, in future cases also by smell and touch, i try to initiate the unconciouss of the visitor enough to inspire subjective interpretation and imagination.

I am searching for the right frequency, the right balance to do so.