Mr. Smit & the Psycho Algorithmic Machine

“ I feel schizophrenic. And it is not even mine, the schizophrenia.
It has been played upon me. I carry it. I feed it. Somehow I am
in love with it. Of course I am, it is me, the great me.
I would not want to miss them. The other me’s. My Avatars.
ME. Hero.
Timelines keep on piling up in the machine of mind.
Wristwatches, digital social life, physical social life, life, work,
the sirens, paper, I need more paper.
And every me is wearing another wristwatch, works, signals
another siren, begs for attention and care. They never sleep. I
have not slept in years.
Time is running. Not out, not anywhere.
Just running.
Was it yesterday that I saw you my dear? Or a year ago? What
is the difference? Tomorrow I will have forgotten.
They are calling me. The digital demons. They are calling out
for me, to pick up the mirror and pet them over the back –
to showthem how much I love them.
I have to run, dear. I will see you. Or they will see you.
We will see you.
In time.”


Mr. Smit is analysing the world around him with some worries. Non of the normal worries the human has these days; his troubles are concerning the adiction to the psycho algorithm that has made our beloved devices it´s home. Strugeling with the knowledge he has collected from generations that had been living in the not so distance past he looks at the dangers of taking the digital as a mirror – a mirror creating a second self.

Please feel free to read about the endeavours of a certain human named Smit

KLAAS_HENDRIK_HANTSCHEL_MASTER_THESIS_2017_Mr.SMIT&htepsychoanalytic machine

The story of Smit so far has also been presented in form of an audiobook performance.