Creative Writing

As Sagmeister said: “You are not a fucking storyteller” (, I had to see whether I would agree or not. Of course he does have a point. Of course it also is as shortsighted as can be. Of course you tell a story, but often it is not the one you think. A good storyline happens underneath the visible one. To take Sagmeisters example of the Rollercoaster designer: The ride is the experience, not the story ….. yet – the story is bigger than just the ride. How are you being led to a good experience? I do think that good design inflicts a story on an audience. This is not restricted to actual storytelling as done in novels or screenplay – but it does help to also try these forms every once in a while.

Lately I have tried to write. As it had become somewhat “boring” to make literal interpretations of facts, I tried to wrap the facts in question into the abstraction of modern science fiction – or subjective science of sorts. The illustrations of the almost true, yet abstract interpretations carry the experience by using storytelling elements. Mr. Smit is born. A man of thought. A paranoid man. A man that paints the picture inside the head insteat of in front of it, as the human has become saturated with imagery.