the sofa project

Collaboration with Hanna Wolff

In the summer the parks of Groningen are packed with people from many different backgrounds. Many students are tanning, playing games, making music and enjoying the fact that they are able to share the moment with others. But what about the rest?

The Noorderplantsoen used to be part of the defensive mound guarding the city. Now it is a park connecting the north of the city to the city center. We asked ourselves what would happen if we would offer to everyone  who was interested to talk to us for half an hour on a couch we brought.

We talked to the most different types of people that day. Ranging from a deaf male to two women walking the Pieterspad, a christian journey through the Netherlands. Interesting was, that the people who made use of our offer mostly were doing different things than the big massa in the park. We became part of wonderful stories and shared moments that day.

We presented our Project in the form of a visual essay.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.08.12































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