Art&Technology Pilotproject Hanze University of Applied Sciences & Academy Minerva 2014 – Interactive Installation for the Night of Art&Science 2014

Collaboration with: Romy Joya Kuldip Singh, Serge Hollander, Jakub Valtar, Marco Hol, Marie van Linschoten, Marijke uit de Bosh, Britt van Sloun



An interactive Installation in the form of a social game. Four strangers are put into a gamesituation. Through phisically connecting Objects to another, they are able to “collect” light. With every step that the players get better the game becomes more difficult and the players have to work better together. The end is unreachable, but not finishing in this case feels as satisfying as winning. The act of simply working together with strangers triggers a feeling of happiness ans satisfaction.



Winner ROBI Award 2014 from Hanze University of Applied Sciences