Bachelor Project Graphic Design & Visual Communication 2015

Nominee BLINK YOUNGBLOOD Award 2015

Exibited @

Tetem Kunstruimte Enschede during the Gogbot Festival 2015

Suikerunie Groningen during the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2015

Wolkenfabriek Groningen 2015/2016

Inspired by the book “NEXT NATURE” by dutch philosopher and artist|designer Koert van Mensvoort (www.mensvoort.com), I build an installation which was dealing with the balance between nature, culture and technology. For anyone who does not know the work of v. Mensvoort and the NextNatureNetwork, they should take a look at it before continuing reading, since it is a very good example for a possible new way of design.




Is there still real nature left? Not here in the Netherlands. Where does it lead us to design every aspect of life? How can we create literacy in the society about what cultural changes we are experiencing through the technological progress. And how closely connected are we personally with each of the aspects comunicatiing in the project: culture, nature and technology.

I try to induce personal thought connected to one of the above within the visitor.